Under Malindo Group, we have Malindo Exim Sdn Bhd which focuses on trading, import and export of commodities and under our house brand mRoyal®, we produce various food products such as instant beverages, dairy products and canned food.

Apart from trading activities, Malindo F&B Sdn Bhd provides F&B contract manufacturing services from product development to transportation and is fully committed in complying with regulatory requirements.

Malindo Exim Sdn. Bhd.

We carry out import and export trading activities on commodities, and various food products

Malindo Exim Sdn Bhd mainly focuses in food industry, and carry out import and export of various commodities products like refined sugar, wheat flour and rice as well as groceries products like instant beverages, dairy products and more to the market.

International Trading Network

We currently serve markets in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Extensive Product Range

Offering 29+ product variations to meet diverse market demands.

Strict Quality Control

Our Total Quality Control system ensures compliance with international standards.

Malindo F&B Sdn. Bhd.

We manufacture Halal instant beverage for chocolate malt, coffee and tea in bulk and sachets.

We always serve and provide the best quality in goods and services to our beloved customers. We strictly hold our principles strong on competitive price, on time delivery, business relationship and customer satisfaction.


Malindo Exim is dedicated to the production of Malindo-branded dairy products, biscuits, snacks, beverages, energy drinks in cans, food products, as well as grocery items. While Malindo F&B specializes in the manufacturing of beverages, with a focus on chocolate malt, coffee, and tea-related products.

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